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in Västerås

How DigiBike works

Anytime, anywhere, no docking stations or hassles. Download the DigiBike app and you are up and running. An easier way for you to get around the city, to friends, restaurants, train station, etc. Without having to own your own bike.
You can simply rent a bike when needed.

Download the app

Download the DigiBike app from the App Store or Google Play. Register an account and top up your balance, it will take no more than a few minutes

Find a bike and unlock

You will then see all available bikes in your vicinity in the app map. Once at the bike you want to rent, press "Unlock bike" in the app and scan the QR code on the bike's lock

Enjoy the ride

You are now ready to start riding. When you have finished cycling, park the bike properly so that it does not interfere with or hinder pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Park and end the journey

End the journey in the app to register the bike as returned. When the trip is over, the payment will automatically be deducted from your app wallet

Benefits of DigiBike

save money

A 12 month membership costs 789kr. That is just under 66kr per month and less than 3kr per day

save time

The bike makes it quick and easy to get around, even when there is a lot of traffic

have fun

Whether you’re commuting to work or using for lesiure, you’ll enjoy DigiBike for every purpose


Cycling is good exercise. Reduce your stress and improve your health

Go green

By saving on gasoline, preventing carbon emissions and keeping pollutants out of the air, cycling is not only good for you but also good for the environment

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Our prices

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Per hour

  • Pay per commenced hour



  • Valid for 24 hours
  • Unlimited rides
  • Access to all bikes



  • Unlimited rides
  • Access to all bikes
  • 1 month - 259kr
  • 3 months - 389kr
  • 6 months - 589kr
  • 12 months - 789kr

Students at Mälardalens Högskola are offered discounted membership prices.
Register a DigiBike account with your email and you will receive a 20% discount on our membership directly in the app

Enterprise account

Cycle to work

By offering your employees the opportunity to take the bike to work instead of their own car or go by bus, you contribute to a greener environment, healthier employees and saved money through reduced transportation costs.


Regular exercise is extremely important and bicycle commuting is a perfect way to get into training in everyday life. Membership is also a good salary benefit as the employees can of course use DigiBike even in their spare time.

More information

For more information, send an email to

About DigiBike

The founding of DigiBike

Trips to and from work, to restaurants, shopping, meetings with friends, etc. Most often, people choose to take the car or bus to travel around, which contributes to pollution and long queues.

We therefore started DigiBike, in order to meet the demand we saw of a more environmentally friendly way of transport for short trips. To make this happen, we have used the latest technology and innovative ideas to develop a system of internet-enabled bikes and smart locks that make all this possible.

Together we want to help people make the trips more environmentally friendly and reduce the congestion that may occur. For a smarter and better future.

Our vision

Providing an affordable and simple system of bike renting so that people can easily move around in the cities, reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, and make our lifes healthier and the cities greener.

What our customers say

"Kanon. Haffa en cykel när man vill och lämna var man vill. Grymt bra!"
Mikael Karlsson
"Testade första gången idag, mycket lätt att skapa konto via appen och smidigt att hämta/lämna en cykel!"
Mathias Johansson
"Ett perfekt sätt att uppleva Västerås på som turist"
Axel Björkeheim

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